welcome to randwick yoga space.

 Randwick Yoga Space is a traditional Hatha yoga studio, no overly heated room, mirrors or dance music! Our emphasis is on taking away all these distractions and allowing students to deeply connect with the body and mind through movement and breath. We run small personalized class sizes and encourage everyone to practice at their own pace and level. Specific attention is given to alignment, breath work, focus and concentration so each class is a complete yoga practice for body and mind, with the option to join the Restorative classes for those students dealing with injury or just wishing to relax and heal the body in a calm and supportive environment

2019 timetablE:

tuesdays 6-7pm restorative

Wednesdays 6-7pm hatha

wednesdays 7:15-8:15pm restorative and meditation

Saturdays 8:30-9:45am hatha

saturdays 10-11am beginners

saturdays 11:30am- 12:30pm hatha

Our classes are run in terms of 5 consecutive weeks helping the classes to flow and progress through consistency. We work with a different sequence each term so students become familiar with the practice and develop a deeper understanding of their yoga.

Bookings are essential for all classes prior to the term starting as classes fill quickly.  We encourage you to book in for the full 5 week term however casual attendance is possible if space is available. To book in or check casual availability please use our bookings page or text message 0407 841 072

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Class descriptions:

Restorative yoga is a deeply healing yoga practice designed to de-stress and calm the body and mind. Using props to support the body we hold each gentle posture for long enough to passively allow the body to open and relax which also brings the mind into a very calm state. this practice is particularly suitable for those students suffering from stress anxiety and fatigue and is very beneficial for students dealing with illness and injury as its gentle approach allows anybody to join the class.

Hatha yoga is traditional indian style yoga with a focus on building strength and flexability in the body while developing deep steady breath rhythms that heal and nourish the body and encourage a state of meditation in the mind.

Beginners yoga is a great place to start your yoga journey or a gentle class for those who like to practice at a slower pace. Full detailed instructions are given of every pose and breathing technique.

Regular meditation is a fantastic way to keep our minds clear of excess thoughts, worry and stress. Most of us feel like our minds are always busy but in truth we just need to learn a few simple techniques to find peace and clarity. You will learn correct sitting posture, breathing and concerntration techniques for meditation in our Wednesday evening class and each week will build up these skills so you will have a complete meditation practice to use at home by the end of the course. All levels welcome, beginners to advanced students!